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PRO dashboard and book bulk uploader for all book friends of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) by Amazon. Bookching is the best and fastest way to publish your low content or no content books on KDP.

Extended dashboard with a lot of useful tools for serious sellers. Maximize your earnings by publishing more books with less clicks! Easy to use, familiar layout, no additional software needed.


  • KDP notifications for sales! Get a sound and pop-up notification for your sales.
  • The sales notification also shows the book titles of your latest sales

  • Publish your books by batch creating new books according to your CSV file. Instead of clicking 50 times the same attributes, you only need to choose your files and get notified as soon as the KDP print previewer is ready.
  • Save time calculating your earnings over all countries and currencies.
  • Find the right categories for your books by searching through the category tree.
  • Keep track of your authors and overall numbers like titles live.
  • Set goals for sold books and money earned!
  • Download book templates and calculate royalties direct from your dashboard.


1. Install the extension.

2. Go to the Bookching tab by clicking the Bookching Icon.

3. Enter the license key by clicking the Settings link and fill the form.

4. Use all the features.

What information does Bookching provide?


        • Amount of all books uploaded to Bookching via CSV file.
        • Earnings for the time range selected on the KDP Reports Sale Dashboard in Dollar (calculated by current exchange rates).
        • Currencies and current exchange rates.
        • Amount of total books sold within the time range.
        • Total number of authors with dropdown-field and link to books connected to this author.
        • Total number of book titles live.
        • Shows a green user icon if you're logged in on KDP.
        • Cover-Template download tool.
        • Royalty calculator tool.
        • Statistic for personal goals (set a goal for books sold and earnings), the time range depends on your time range selection on KDP.

My Books

  • See all books you've uploaded via CSV file
  • You can edit all the attributes for creating a book on KDP, if you forgot something in your CSV.
  • You can add a book by a simple book editor
  • You can select and copy your books to change a few attributes for a new upload
  • Choose the books you want to upload semi-automatic and click to push them online.
  • Let Bookching create new books on KDP and watch it filling all the attributes.
  • Only choose the cover and the inner PDF files.
  • Get notified as soon as the Previewer is ready to check your book.
  • Check the prices before finally publish the book.


  • Gives an easy way to search for all categories given by KDP.
  • Copy the BISAC for the right category and put it in your CSV for a semi-automatic Upload.
  • Check special categories with keyword requirements to upload a book to the correct subcategory.

Import Table

  • Import your CSV files with your book attributes for a semi-automatic upload.
  • There is a example CSV you can download on the import page of bookching


  • Set your personal sales and earnings goals.
  • Set sound and enable/disable the pop-up notification for "ready to upload".
  • Set sound and enable/disable the pop-up notification for your print preview ready reminder.
  • Set sound and enable/disable the pop-up notification for new sales.
  • Set your base currency for Bookching.

Is it safe?

Yes, everything is stored in your chrome browser memory. No one except KDP and yourself will see any of your intellectual property. Also if you deinstall the chrome extension your data uploaded to Bookching can't be recovered.


  • "I immediately see a huge benefit with using Bookching, it is insanely easy to use and incredibly fast. I'm excited to let it handle the boring parts of book publishing while I put effort into creating content" - Helen


Actually we're in a beta test version of Bookching. We have a lot of ideas for more features and will update the Chrome Extension as soon as something is ready and tested for all users.

Drop us an email with suggestions for future updates at: 

>>Download And Install Bookching<<

How To's:


You'll get an Introduction file and a license key for your Chrome Extension.

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